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October 16, 2020

Tom Petty’s final project, the long-awaited Wildflowers & All The Rest, is out today.

Wildflowers was originally envisioned as a double album in 1994 but Tom’s label encouraged he hold back the second half of the project. Tom waited decades to share the second disc of his masterpiece with fans—a collection he named All The Rest.

The Wildflowers sessions were a breeding ground of prolific songwriting and recording, co-produced by Tom with legendary producer Rick Rubin and Mike Campbell. Now all 25 songs are being released as originally envisioned. This collection allows fans to see the entire recording process from demos, to the studio, to the stage, and more. It is a complete look at one of rock music’s most unique and beloved albums.

Wildflowers & All The Rest, which can be streamed/purchased here, is receiving widespread critical praise:

Wildflowers the way he always wanted it to be heard” – Rolling Stone

“…the augmented Wildflowers is the best and most justified boxed set of this kind since the Beatles’ White Album compendium.” – Variety

“One of the geeky joys of Wildflowers and All the Rest is observing Petty at the absolute peak of his songwriting powers, making small, intelligent tweaks to these songs in progress.” – The New York Times

“It’s a triumph we only hope Petty enjoys from behind the shimmery screen.” – Esquire

“The new box set Wildflowers & All The Rest, produced by [Ryan] Ulyate and curated by Petty’s bandmates and heirs, reimagines Wildflowers as the sprawling statement it almost was. A wealth of demos and alternate takes…illuminate a period of creative surge even
Petty could never fully explain.” – Los Angeles Times

“Tom Petty’s 1994 album Wildflowers has finally reached full bloom.” – USA Today

Yesterday, Tom’s daughter Adria Petty and Heartbreakers Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench spoke to CBS This Morning’s Anthony Mason about the new collection, watch here.

Additionally, watch the album EPK—“Come Find All The Rest”—to hear from Tom himself about creating Wildflowers & All The Rest, as well as the videos for “Leave Virginia Alone” and “Wildflowers (Home Recording).”

Furthermore, in celebration of Tom’s upcoming 70th birthday, Amazon Music and SiriusXM will host a virtual festival featuring special guest appearances and performances—further details to come.


1). Wildflowers

  1. Wildflowers
  2. You Don’t Know How It Feels
  3. Time to Move On
  4. You Wreck Me
  5. It’s Good to Be King
  6. Only a Broken Heart
  7. Honey Bee
  8. Don’t Fade on Me
  9. Hard on Me
  10. Cabin Down Below
  11. To Find a Friend
  12. A Higher Place
  13. House in the Woods
  14. Crawling Back to You
  15. Wake Up Time

2). All The Rest

  1. Something Could Happen
  2. Leave Virginia Alone
  3. Climb That Hill Blues
  4. Confusion Wheel
  5. California
  6. Harry Green
  7. Hope You Never
  8. Somewhere Under Heaven
  9. Climb That Hill
  10. Hung Up and Overdue

3). Home Recordings

  1. There Goes Angela (Dream Away)
  2. You Don’t Know How It Feels
  3. California
  4. A Feeling of Peace
  5. Leave Virginia Alone
  6. Crawling Back to You
  7. Don’t Fade on Me
  8. Confusion Wheel
  9. A Higher Place
  10. There’s a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel)
  11. To Find a Friend
  12. Only a Broken Heart
  13. Wake Up Time
  14. Hung Up and Overdue
  15. Wildflowers

4). Wildflowers Live

  1. You Don’t Know How It Feels
  2. Honey Bee
  3. To Find a Friend
  4. Walls
  5. Crawling Back to You
  6. Cabin Down Below
  7. Drivin’ Down to Georgia
  8. House in the Woods
  9. Girl on LSD
  10. Time to Move On
  11. Wake Up Time
  12. It’s Good to Be King
  13. You Wreck Me
  14. Wildflowers

5). Alternate Versions (Finding Wildflowers)

*Note: only available on 9-LP and 5-CD formats*

  1. A Higher Place
  2. Hard on Me
  3. Cabin Down Below
  4. Crawling Back to You
  5. Only a Broken Heart
  6. Drivin’ Down to Georgia
  7. You Wreck Me
  8. It’s Good to Be King
  9. House in the Woods
  10. Honey Bee
  11. Girl on LSD
  12. Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)
  13. Wildflowers
  14. Don’t Fade on Me
  15. Wake Up Time
  16. You Saw Me Comin’